Political stencils: the italian experience – part one.

It’s quite common in Italy, particularly in large cities, to find stencils containing a political message. They are often very simple and easy to make, but i like their directedness and the idea to use an artistic form of expression to convey a political statement. The following pictures are taken in Torino and Venezia.

1. Torino: No War For Oil.


2. Torino: Vegan Revolt


3. Torino: War Is Still Out There


4. Venezia: Block G8


5. Venezia: Boycott WTO


6. Venezia: Boycott WTO



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About vmagliola

I'm 40 years old, very interested in streetart and stencils in particular. I started to take pictures of stencils here in Norway two years ago, in Trondheim at the beginning, and in the rest of Norway afterwards. Now i'm trying to do it every time i have to travel, for work or for leisure. I also started to collect them (yeah, i think i'm developing quite an addiction here), and i'm trying to convince my wife that we can decorate the apartment walls with them.

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