A short history of stencil art in Norway

Last week i was in Stavanger for the opening of NUART 2013. On sunday the wonderful crew of NUART organized a small guided tour in the city to discover the new walls from this year’s edition of the festival. At the beginning of the tour one of the guides told us that at Tou Scene is possible to find a short history of norwegian stencil art, with pieces og Dolk, Pøbel, Strøk, Martin Whatson, MIR, just in front of the exibition’s entrance.





Martin Whatson









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About vmagliola

I'm 40 years old, very interested in streetart and stencils in particular. I started to take pictures of stencils here in Norway two years ago, in Trondheim at the beginning, and in the rest of Norway afterwards. Now i'm trying to do it every time i have to travel, for work or for leisure. I also started to collect them (yeah, i think i'm developing quite an addiction here), and i'm trying to convince my wife that we can decorate the apartment walls with them.

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