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Au-delà du Street Art/Beyond Streetart: Exibition at Musée de la Poste in Paris (Part 2).






P1060602 P1060598




C215 in Oslo – short videos from Vimeo

A short video of C215 explaining something about streetart and his work.

Another short video about C215’s work and his (amazing) stenciling technique.

C215 in Oslo.

Another trip to Oslo, and some new (at least for me) stencils from C215.

Here is a little selection taken from Grünerløkka area in the eastern part of the city.

C215 in Sète (France)

One of the best (urban) artist of our time (in my opinion) at work in Sète. Enjoy 🙂

Walking in Oslo: C215.

It’s always very nice to find some C215’s pieces: even the “simple” black&white stencils are really nice, i think i like them even more than the more colourful ones (if i can dare to say).

C215 and AliCè in Oslo

C215 and AliCè are posting on Flickr and Facebook a lot of pics from Oslo.

It’s time to travel back to the capital then 🙂

C215 - Oslo

Alice Pasquini - Oslo