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C215 in Oslo – short videos from Vimeo

A short video of C215 explaining something about streetart and his work.

Another short video about C215’s work and his (amazing) stenciling technique.


Inti in Oslo for Urban Samtidskunst

Last summer Urban Samtidskunst invited Inti to Oslo: the result was a big and amazing wall painted in Tøyen, in the eastern part of the city.

The italian invasion of Oslo.


Traces of the italian invasion of Oslo: AliCè and Zed1.

C215 in Oslo.

Another trip to Oslo, and some new (at least for me) stencils from C215.

Here is a little selection taken from Grünerløkka area in the eastern part of the city.

Walking in Oslo: C215.

It’s always very nice to find some C215’s pieces: even the “simple” black&white stencils are really nice, i think i like them even more than the more colourful ones (if i can dare to say).

Dot Dot Dot: Oslo.

Last week i was in Oslo for work, and i stayed at my friend Bata’s flat for the night.

Early in the morning i woke up and looked out of the window, and i saw this piece on the other side of the street. What a start for my day! At the beginning i thought it was Dolk, but then in the comments to this post Helle wrote that according to him it was Pøbel, so i started to investigate on the internet and i think i’ve found the artist: Dot Dot Dot

My mistake, and my apology to the artist.

Unfortunately it was still quite dark, and the quality is not perfect, but still…

My personal T&J Art Walk: part two.

By that time i was already starving, but i’m really happy i made it to Majorstuen and Shepard Fairey’s wall.

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