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I was tired of the old theme for my blog.
I’ll try to post more in the future. I’m planning to visit Stavanger two times in the next months: now in july i’ll visit Outside In at Skur 2, and then at the beginning of october i’ll be again in Stavanger for the opening of NUART 2011.

Meantime, a little souvenir from NUART 2009 (yes, i couldn’t be in Stavanger last year, so i have a lot to see next time i’m there).



Good luck to NUART application for cultural funding submitted to Stavanger city council: let’s hope that next year’s NUART will be bigger and (if possible) even better than the last one!

Artist of the week: Swoon.

All the pictures have been taken during NUART 2009. Here a wiki about Swoon.

David Choe in Stavanger – NUART 2009

Wonderful post about David Choe’s performance at NUART 2009.

Here the link.