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A short history of stencil art in Norway

Last week i was in Stavanger for the opening of NUART 2013. On sunday the wonderful crew of NUART organized a small guided tour in the city to discover the new walls from this year’s edition of the festival. At the beginning of the tour one of the guides told us that at Tou Scene is possible to find a short history of norwegian stencil art, with pieces og Dolk, Pøbel, Strøk, Martin Whatson, MIR, just in front of the exibition’s entrance.





Martin Whatson









Walking on the streets of Stavanger…

I wasn’t there last year for NUART 2010 – The “landmark “series, and i had to catch up this year.

After one year in rainy norwegian west coast weather i didn’t expect to find too much left, but i think that all the works still do quite well (except maybe Dolk’s one).

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A much better video about NUART 2010 here.

A wonderful selection of b&w pictures here.


Dolk’s first solo exibition.

Dolk will have his first solo exibition at OSL Contemporary  gallery in Oslo: opening Thursday 8th of September 7pm – 9pm.

Dolk: the website.

Dolk will be at NUART 2011 in Stavanger. Enjoy his website 🙂


From the project website:

What happens if you mash an elitist academic institution like the Norwegian School of Economics with the anti-authoritative counter-cultural street art movement? There is only one way to find out…”

Dolk in New York.

From Wooster Collective. Here the link to the website, and here the link to the Brooklynite Gallery, where Dolk and M-City have their show, Eurotrash.